Beach volleyball fashion

Beach volleyball is one of the most popular beach sports. Playing a beach lifestyle clothing is worn. When beach volleyball is a twist on the classic indoor volleyball. Here, two teams, each consisting of two players against each other. During the game, the volleyball match between the two halves, which are separated by a net, beaten by the actors back and forth, which is trying to force the opponents to make mistakes. It is usually played on two winning sets. If there is a tie after two sets, a third set must bring about the decision.


To players equipment next to the beach volleyball also includes the rule conformity clothing. This mainly consists of shorts or a bathing suit or a bikini in men in women. Shirts or tank tops can be worn voluntarily, unless it is otherwise stipulated in the tournament rules. The shorts and shirts must be kept in a clean condition and in international tournaments have a number that appears on the front of the jersey. It is usually played barefoot, unless exempted by the referee is present. For beach volleyball, there are also special Beach Socks, which prevent the feet are drawn by heat or rain affected.


The scanty clothing of the beach volleyball player is also the reason for much controversy about the popular sport. As a beach volleyball an Olympic sport, was the world FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) issued a rule under which the bikini panties women may only have a width of seven centimeters. While players can not interfere on the tight-fitting clothing, on the other hand criticize governments of Islamic countries as well as conservative groups that the scanty clothing contributes to too intense sexual charisma.

Beach volleyball Leisure

Who’s playing beach volleyball only in his spare time, can of course wear what he wants. Highly recommended is the use of headgear and sunglasses to protect yourself from UV radiation. Also, the timely application of sufficient sun cream should not be forgotten.