The new stylish collections of sportswear

Sportswear is functional, it is extensible, so you can move around freely, is breathable and wicks moisture to the outside. But functionality is no longer the sole task of sportswear, they must be stylish and functional. Previously, one made ​​little thought to his sports outfit. The main thing was comfortable. But the recreational athletes of today would no longer around in any baggy clothes jogging or gymnastics. This also has the industry recognized, or has them and only been told that we need to look best while playing sports? Anyway, bring manufacturer of sportswear and over again out new trendy sport collections with success. The target customers are mainly women, because men today do still tend to be less concerned about their appearance during sports and instead pay attention more to the functions. For the fashion-conscious man there are to purchase some stylish parts.

Prominent support from Stella McCartney and Scarlett Johansson

The world of women is advertised addition to the design itself in addition to famous people. So, for example, has Adidas did with Stella McCartney. For the company, Stella McCartney has designed a modern and comfortable collection. There are sports apparel in the fields of dance, yoga, studio, running, tennis and winter sports. The clothing is prepared for each strain and meets the general requirements of sportswear (breathable, sweat away), at the same time every woman can be sure in these clothes look very fashionable.

Reebok, however, has done away with the actress Scarlet Johansson together and the Hearts Collection has come out of it. Are offered under this brand pants, tops and jackets, which are equally suitable for sports and leisure. The goal was to combine the sporty look with glamor. In addition to the Hearts Collection Reebok has the general Woman Collection. Here the sportswear is more respected on the functional properties. However, it is also a modern design. Within the Woman Collection, there is the Lifestyle Collection. Here everyday clothing is offered in a sporty look.

The new sports trend is also implemented in everyday life

Sportswear is therefore no longer suitable only for the studio or for jogging. Whether stylish sportswear and sporting everyday clothing, sports look is in. Who does not want to look as if it comes straight from training, a sporty part combine with a slightly posher part. Or one wears his Sporttop simply with jeans, that’s sporty but not overdone.

The company Nike has indeed taken no prominent support for design into the boat, but what is trendy sportswear terms also very far forward. Here you will find traditional sports apparel as well as modern trendy garments. So if you also want to look stylish during sports or would like to comment on the road a sporty character has a lot of choices among the numerous collections. The mixing of different brands and collections is to create a little more individual look.